Nacka Forum “Fee Fi Fo Rum” (Moserobie Records, 2012)

Nordeson Shelton “Incline” (Singlespeed Music, 2011)

Lisa Mezzacappa & Nightshade “Cosmic Rift” (Leo Records, 2011)

Swedish Azz  “azz Appeal” (LP, Not Two Records, 2011)

Cylinder “Cylinder” (Clean Feed, 2011)

Swedish Azz  “Merry azzmas” (Vinyl single, Not Two Records, 2010)

Angles “Epileptical West” (Clean Feed, 2010)

Swedish Azz  “Jazz På Svenska” (11” LP, Not Two Records, 2010)

Swedish Azz  “Eric Carlsson & All Stars” (Set of two 10", Not Two Records, 2013)

Kjell Nordeson "Walking with Mirabeau" Solo Improvisations, (Not Two Records, 2017)

Swedish Azz  “Fåglarna" (Lp, Not Two Records, 2016)

Mats Gustafsson NU Ensemble "Hidros 6 - Knockin'" (BOX, Not Two Records, 2014)

Mats Gustafsson and friends "MG 50 Peace & Fire" (BOX, Trost Records, 2016)